I was 9 when I came to Joanne and she showed me a lot of things I could do with my voice and piano. Ever since i went I have been having fun and a laugh, she really makes me smile, as soon as I stepped through the door I was a totaly different person and I think she is the best piano and vocal teacher ever. Every time I step in she has a smile on her face and thats what makes me smile, her children Megan and Cerys are so funny and every week I get to see them and its so fun.

Jessica Hilton, age 10

I have been having singing lessons with Joanne since i was 5 years old and i’m now 10. The best part of singing lessons for me is recording my own cd i  love making them for my nan, my favourite was a song called Lucky by Britney Spears that i made when i was 6 and i love listening to it now to see what i used to sound like. I also think the show cases are amazing i get so excited when one is coming up,my favourite one was songs from films, i sang I WANT THE WORLD (Charlie and the chocolate factory) by Verruca Salts. I also got dressed up as her and everyone said i looked just like her. When i came of stage i just wanted to go back on and do it all over again because i enjoyed it so much. Joanne is also great at listening to me when i have problems at school because other kids  can be mean to you when you are good at something and she told me to ignore them because they are only jelous and she had the same problem when she was at school and look how amazing she is now, so i dont care what they say anymore and i hope that i am as good as Joanne when i am older she is the best singing teacher ever.

Jazzi age 10

I’ve been doing my singing lessons with Jo for over 5 years. I was the very first one to do lessons with her and I have had a great time and have done a lot of enjoyable things. The thing that I have enjoyed the most were the showcases, the first one we did was an 80’s theme showcase. I was Bon Jovi and I sang ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ and ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’. Joanne is a very patient and kind teacher e.g. if you were stuck on a harmony, she would be patient and keep playing that part of the song over and over until you understood it. If you cannot think of a song you want to peform at the showcase then Jo will recommend 2 or 3 songs that suit your voice and allowing you to choose the one you like the best.

I have done a lot of duets with my sister but I am going to do a duet with another pupil of Joanne’s for the next showcase. Jo is a very friendly and helpful teacher. She provides drinks and burns cd’s for you practice with. She also has a great recording studio so I can record my songs and give them to my mum and dad for their Christmas and birthday presents. Overall Jo is the perfect teacher and I am lucky to have her as my tutor.

Stan Rigby – Newton – Le – Willows

I’ve been doing lessons with Joanne for over 3 years and during this time, I’ve learnt so much. I’ve learnt about projecting my voice, creating harmonies and finding songs that suit my voice. The singing lessons are always really enjoyable because it’s not “all work, no play” and it’s always a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

We always sing songs we like and can work with other students; I like to work with my brother, Stan. The themed showcases are always fun and are looked forward to by everybody! They give us a chance to perform and show parents and other students what we’ve learned.

Joanne is really friendly and welcoming and is always there to help you, whether it’s problems with harmonies or boyfriends! Singing lessons have boosted my self confidence, improved my voice and have helped me to gain a high grade in my music GCSE. Joanne is ace, and I’m very grateful for all her help!

Beth Rigby