Here at StagePro Studios in Warrington where singing lessons are held, we currently have 5 singing teachers and now with over 150 singing students:

  • One to One Singing Lessons in Warrington
  • singer
  • Group Singing Lessons in Warrington
  • Choir Group in Warrington
  • Available for Singing tuition to Schools / local choirs

For one to one singing lessons it’s recommended that the first lesson be for 1 hour and then a minimum of weekly 1/2hour lessons initially to get the best results from singing tuition.

Some students come two or more times a week and others once a fortnight – dependent on your specific requirements – whatever they are – we are here to help you.

Why have singing lessons at Warrington Singing School ?

Well you might just want to sing for fun – fine!
You might want to strengthen your voice – no probs !
You might be entering a competition, talent show or singing audition – perfect !
You might just want to have a social hobby – great stuff !

Whatever you reason to consider singing lessons in Warrington, the teachers at Warrington Singing School are here to help you with any enquiries, lessons and motivation.

With 1000’s of song backing tracks available and facilities to download more, you will never get stuck for song choices for your Singing Lessons at Warrington Singing School.

  • Lessons are 30mins, 60mins or longer if required.
  • Discount when you book a block of lessons (pay in advance)
Your singing lessons are structured around YOU so the styles of songs you will be familiar with. All types of songs are available from musical theatre to modern charts so something for everyone.

What do the singing lessons involve ?

Regular on-going sessions ensure continued and speedy progress. Singers learn how to use their voice to its fullest potential while singing without strain or excessive effort. The lessons will always start with vocal exercises, followed by discussions and singing where you will be given advice and techniques to make improvements.

Love Singing at Warrington Singing School

Read what some of our students say about their singing teacher or lessons at Warrington Singing School. We would love you to join us too and share the same fun, friendly and supportive experience in your singing lessons and learn song and styles that you like.