Private singing lessons are for children and adults, for complete beginners, professionals or those who want to learn to sing for pure enjoyment!!

Singing lessons with vocal tutor Joanne and the other singing teachers at StagePro Academy are very enjoyable and whatever your preferred style of singing, whether it be Rock / Pop, Musicical Theatre, Opera or Jazz then come along or get intouch for more information.

Have you ever had a problem with singing that you could not fix? Do you wish you could sing with more voice control and in a variety of singing styles? If you have then maybe singing lessons with Joanne could be your solution.

Why have singing lessons in Warrington – North West Vocal Tutors:

  • Explore and develop your voice at your own pace in a safe, supportive environment
  • Learn breathing techniques, voice projection and increase your range and improve tone quality
  • Learn microphone technique and work on a wide variety of singing styles
  • Singing lessons are extremely relaxed and informal
  • Sing in different styles, enhance your voice range
  • Record songs for your own experience or as gifts for family and friends

Do you need a singing teacher vocal tutor ? Contact Jo TODAY for all your singing tuition !!